Monday, 30 December 2013

a gingerbread house

So I started thinking today, it might be time to go and see the dentist. I have a sore tooth, which I'm sure has nothing to do with this.
This year's Gingerbread House

Whose harebrained idea was it to start decorating a gingerbread house at Christmas time?

Those things might look pretty as a picture, but they are evil temptresses. There is no way to build one of those things and not have an all out sugar fest. And it's the sugar overload that keeps on giving. You eat lollies when you make the gingerbread house, the left over sweets when you finish making the gingerbread house and then of course there's the wall-to-wall-candy-furnished gingerbread house to polish off at the end. I tell you I didn't really think it through when I first saw the gingerbread house for sale for $6. Sadly I think the dentist is going to tell me the gingerbread house has cost me a lot more than 6 bucks. Sheesh. New Year's Resolution: No more lollies.

Tell me, could you resist?
Last year's Gingerbread House


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