Sunday, 29 December 2013

ice cream blouse

In the Christmas rush of making things, when time was short, I pulled out a few of my old favourite patterns I knew wouldn't fail me. This time another Oliver + S pattern, the Ice Cream Blouse.

This is such a pretty blouse pattern. It's an easy sew, and cleverly put together. Only 3 pattern pieces to cut out. Love that! No collars or setting in sleeves. It comes together really quickly and the first time I made it I was really impressed with the construction. It's got such a nice roomy fit on a toddler and made up in a soft Japanese lawn, it must feel like heaven to wear. My daughter never wants to take it off and loves to stroke the soft, silky fabric. Oh and can someone please remind me why I didn't buy this gorgeous fabric in both colourways when it was readily available? For some crazy reason (I dunno, something to do with too much fabric in my closet, baa humbug) I put the other equally lovely purple version of these lovely houses back on the shelf. Yes, bear with me while I shed a silent tear.

I did make a few changes to this pattern. Firstly I lengthened the blouse by about an inch and a half to fit my tall girl. I also modified the way the back comes together. While there is nothing wrong with Liesl's instructions, I wanted to add a little more ease to the neck opening to make it easier to get on and off. I also wanted to strengthen the back join, as my little one is quite rough with her clothes and this join can have a tendency to rip.

For those interested, the way I do it is to find the halfway point of the back fabric, slit it about 2 inches and then bind the cut with a small amount of bias binding (made in matching fabric). The back then comes together as 2 separate pieces joined by the button closure. I also add an extra button closure to prevent too much of a gap. I do love the clean look of the original design- this is not quite as neat and tidy looking as Liesl's way, but it's a super quick fix that increases the wearability for my girl! Made in a size 3, it should fit for a good while.

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