Thursday, 26 December 2013

over for another year

Well how did that happen? Another year has practically flashed before my eyes and as I woke up this morning I couldn't believe that Christmas was over with for another year! Woah. We're just a blink away from a New Year and I'm sitting here contemplating what has come to pass and now what lies ahead. 

Every year the weeks before Christmas pass by in a flurry of making things, visiting places, finishing things up rush, rush, rush, trying to squeeze every last minute. This year was no different. 

There was the sewing frenzy! Shorts, yet more shorts, ornaments for the tree, a new Santa sack and some twirly dresses all came out of the craft room. I'll probably do another post at some point on some of the things I made and the patterns I used. The kids were excited with their new things and there has been much twirling going on around these parts!

The veggie garden has been keeping us well fed. It got a sprucing up in spring with a covering of pebbles to keep down the weeds, which has been working a treat! 

I have more eggplants and cucumbers than we can eat and giving away bagfuls to friends. The basil needs harvesting and turning into pesto. There's corn that almost needs picking and zucchinis I need to do something with!

However when the heat picked up with the start of summer, as it always does, I realised I was fighting a pointless battle. So I left it to it's own devices for the first time all year. Everything was bolting to seed just a couple of weeks after being planted, the caterpillars and pests were out of control and with the busyness of the end-of-year season, it was just all too much. So the garden's a bit neglected at the moment.

I've decided there will be no more planting until things cool down in the new year. I'll top up the beds with some manures and compost and start all over again. I think I'm starting to work out what works in our little raised beds and what doesn't. Although I'm certain some things will always keep me guessing. Ahhhh, it's all part of the fun I guess. I'm excited about what's to come. There's always so much promise at this time of year isn't there?

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