Monday, 20 January 2014

a wander around my garden

Hey! Do you want to have a look around my garden today? Summer might not be our most exciting growing time, but there are still some cool things to look at!

Woah better watch out, there are bees working here.

Oh look, it's not so bad afterall, there are still some yummy things to eat! Better grab those tomatoes before my nemesis bowerbird lays his bright blue eyes on them.

Goodness, almost missed you there Mr Frog. Don't mind us, we're just having a sticky beak.

Oh dear, seems I missed picking that artichoke before he flowered. I was really looking forward to tasting him too. Good thing he's pretty, I guess.

Thanks for coming to visit! Would you like a goody bag when you go?


  1. Yes please. A goody bag would be just fine!

    1. Well thanks for coming to visit :) Plenty of eggplants to go around!

  2. Yes please! Thanks for the tour, it is all thriving and looks delectable.

    1. It's been a much better summer than last year for growing!


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