Thursday, 9 January 2014

making pesto

My basil plants have been a little out of control lately, which means it's time to make pesto!

Goodness, my kids love pesto making day. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with pesto making. Love the pesto. Hate the mess. And boy do my kids make a mess with pesto! Squished pesto in an ear? Not my favourite thing to clean. My kids adore it though, so I just suck it up and let them go for it!

When I make pesto, I make a lot. Enough to freeze to last us the best part of the year. So when I get home late at night, there's instant dinner I know the kids will eat.

How I make pesto: Grab as much basil as I can carry in my basket. Wash it and check for bugs. Add a clove of fresh garlic to your food processor, blend it up first. Fill the processor with basil. Blend it down a bit. Then add another pile of basil leaves, along a couple of big handfuls of cashew nuts and parmesan cheese. Add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Blend again until it's starting to come together. Run olive oil through the top of the food processor with motor going until it forms a paste. Taste and adjust. Taste again. Then you'll probably dip your finger in to taste a few times more just to be sure. Believe me, that tasting business can be hard work.

Oh and I just know you're wondering what the mortar and pestle is doing in the picture if I use my food processor right? Well that's what the kids use. Keeps them busy making their own pesto for half an hour while I get the big lot done!

A big triple yay that the basil, garlic and lemon all came from our garden for this pesto!

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