Monday, 6 January 2014

spotlight surprises

Fabric shopping, in an actual bricks and mortar store, is a bit of a luxury for me these days. With 3 kids in tow, it's not something I do very often anymore. Only when I have to pick up the odd thing to finish a project. Well, today was one of those rare days. I quickly ducked into Spotlight to pick up a couple of things for a project I'm curently working on, when I spotted a surprise out of the corner of my eye.

It was this!

The fabric on the left is the well known, much loved Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy which came from my stash. The fabric on the right was bought at Spotlight today (on sale for almost half price). It's a Japanese "Printed Cotton Linen" that actually has a lovely feel and drape to it, perfect for making clothing. There was only a tiny bit left on the roll, so it's obviously been around for a little while.

Has anyone else been sewing with this? How far out of the loop am I that I didn't know this was in Spottie?


  1. Nope, I hit Spotters once every 6 weeks or so and hit it pretty hard whilst Jed reads the paper and I have never seen this.
    Good find!
    (But cheeky of them)

    1. Oh you made me laugh :) "hit it pretty hard"!!!


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