Monday, 24 February 2014

a forgotten stash

I'm one of those funny monogamist (well partial monogamist if there is such a thing) crafters who works on only one craft at a time. I'm not the cheating kind, you see. I go through periods where all I'll do is sew. Then I might knit or crochet for a few months. But I generally won't knit, crochet or sew at the same time. It's one or the other. A swinger, I am not.
Today I was sorting through some things in my craft room, when I stumbled upon a long forgotten stash. A box full of wool and pretty yarns and a sadly neglected almost finished project. You see, once upon a time I used to be a knitter! I have a whole blanket box full of the knitted and crocheted things I've made. But somewhere along the way I seem to have fallen out of love with my knitting and crochet.

I've been crushing on sewing for sometime now, leaving my knitting literally gathering dust. In my box of woolly treasures I found an almost finished pebble that I was making for my eldest child when he was a baby. If I hurry up, it might just fit my third born. The crazy thing is, it's only a few lines short of being finished. I cannot remember why I put this project down when it has such a small amount of work left to be done on it. I know I wasn't in love with the yarn. I'm still not. It's some weird bamboo blend that I picked up off the sale rack at spotlight and it felt kind of sticky on my hands to knit. Still doesn't explain why I stopped just a few lines short of finishing.

Annoyingly it's losing fibres everywhere. It's like a dust storm when I pick it up. I'm not sure if the moths have been into it, or if the yarn is just plain disintegrating? Is it even worth finishing?

Sigh. Another sad discovery is the state of some of my nickel plated knitpicks needles. I love these so much, but the ones that weren't packed away properly have lost their smooth, shiny finish. It's like they've been eroded or something?  I'm not sure why it happened or if there's anything I can do to repair them either. If anyone has any tips on how to bring the needles back to life I'd surely appreciate them. Can they be polished?

So, I'm starting to think there needs to be a little more free love in the craft room. Share myself around a bit. I don't know, maybe mix a cocktail and have the odd double date. Yarn and fabric, we can all get along, can't we? I don't want to get a reputation or anything, but a little bit of love goes a long way, right?


  1. I love this post, you made me laugh out loud about the cocktails, double dates and a little bit of love:)

    I have the yarn in the first photo too, great colours. I think mine ended up a scarf, I was practising my knitting at the time and I still am.

    Go on, shake it up in your craft room;)

    1. Snap! I've had that wool for far too long. I'm not even sure what I bought it for now. I made a scarf from the other colourway that I had of it. Perhaps it needs a mate :)

  2. I started out as a knitter, too. I'm not entirely monogamous, but sewing has definitely gotten the lion's share of my crafting love lately. I do like to have a knitting project on the needles for when I have to take the girls to ballet, or other waiting occasions.

    1. I need to do that too I think (just as long as I don't forget about it! :)


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