Monday, 3 February 2014

a simple library bag

School sewing? CHECK! Oh Yeah!

I feel like I'm finally starting to come up for air after a mad dash to get everything ready for the school year. I've made my way through a mountain of mending. I'm pretty excited to report the uniforms are finally all done. They even have shiny new labels sewn into them and all!

Actually, if I'm being completely honest, I've gone a bit crazy with the labels. They are on everything. Even socks, jocks and hankies. Yep, if you need a label on anything (or feel like staging a label intervention), you know where to find me.

Major OCD alert! I've got myself a 3 tiered labelling system going on. Yes, you read that right. THREE tiers and I couldn't be more pleased. It goes a little like this:

1st tier- Sew in labels for anything uniform-like (shirts, shorts, jumpers, hats etc).
2nd tier- Iron-on for anything difficult to sew on. Did you know you can even iron labels to shoe linings? Oh yes you can! I was super excited when I discovered that! Just don't iron for too long OK?
3rd tier- Stick on labels for everything else.

Hmm come to think of it, I even have a back up 4th tier- a laundry marker and sharpie pen, just in case anything should fall through the cracks. I know, I can see your faces now. Feel free to point the men in white jackets my way. Just give me a heads up so I can store a secret stash of labels somewhere for later. Thanks!

Anyhow, in that massive sewathon, there was one thing that totally slipped my mind- a library bag! It's been on my list since before Christmas time but I just kept putting it off. I was thinking it was such a quick, easy job I could leave it to the last minute.

Then school rolled around last week and I realised I didn't get it done. We're book mad in this house and the idea of missing out on library borrowing time, well it could get ugly. So the library bag made it back up to the top of the list, and fast.

This is such a bang it together project. I didn't even measure. I just eyeballed it up, and called it good when it looked like it would fit a big book. I did line it and put in the "magic" pull ties (kids love those so much when you can pull ties from either side for instant pull together action!) It sewed up so ridiculously fast that I don't know why I didn't get it done before Christmas! I'm thinking of making a few more now.

It feels good to finally have the school sewing under control. For a while there it looked like I might never surface again. I'm so ready to see the end of navy blue! And I've already been secretly dreaming of another. A sweet stack of pretty fabrics I've got plans for. Very soon my pretty, very soon.


  1. You're one very efficient lady...well done! I have a bag project started two years ago, not as complicated as yours, still patiently waiting for me...yikes!

    1. It gets harder to finish something the longer you leave it- don't you think? Even when they're simple things :)

  2. You are amazing:) I love the fabric you used. You could have been speaking on behalf of me when you wrote about the library bag being in your mind since Christmas and you thought it was just not going to happen, that is me right now. The first library of the week is tomorrow, do you think I could get a bag made today???? I have the fabric!!

    How do you do the "magic" ties, I have tried to work it out in my head but can't - that maybe has something to do with the fact that I need a second coffee right about now!!!

    1. Yes! You definitely have time to get one made! They're really not hard at all, just sewing two rectangles together really (and leaving a little gap for the ties). The "magic" (what the kids call them) ties are just 2 long bits of string that wrap right back around on each other (like two loops). It just makes closing bags really easy cause you can pull from both sides at once. Does that make sense?

    2. I always struggle to picture how I have to sew something. I've made a lined bag before I am sure. I'm trying to get my head around how I sew it and turn it out leaving the gap to thread the cord through!! Once I do it I'll have that "aha" moment I know it:) Thanks for the "magic" trick, it makes sense. I am definitely going to do this.

  3. Oh and by the way I forgot to mention I lol when I read about the OCD alert and labelling, labelling is like that you have to label everything or nothing at all. Question to self - where is my labeller??!!


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