Saturday, 12 April 2014

good things

I've been a slow mah-go getting around to this, so firstly let me offer up my apologies to the lovely ladies in question.

A while back they nominated me for Liebster award as well as a Sunshine award. Being pretty new to blogging I had no idea what these awards were so I had to google them. It seems they are awards passed around between bloggers. Basically it meant they liked my blog, and well, how nice is that? Thank you so much! I appreciate your warm welcome into this funny old blogging world.

Go check out their blogs here, they're also better at describing these awards than I am too.

Our Simple and Meaningful Life
The Itinerant Seamstress
Another Sewing Blog

I'm terrible at following rules though, so I'm going to do a combination of all the things you guys asked OK. I hope that's alright.

A little list of ten things about me:

1.My favourite candy/sweet is dark chocolate. The darker the better.
2. Awesome music I'm currently listening to. Arva, by this amazing lady.
3. The fabric I'm currently drooling over is Sarah Jane's Wee Wander. I really need to stop drooling and cut into those lovelies though!
4. Favourite movie of all time? Hmmm, tough to say but definitely in my top three movies would be the Princess Bride. I've literally seen it hundreds of times.
5. My favourite child's outfit I've ever sewn is probably a three way tie. The village frock, bubble dress and puppet show tunic and shorts.
6. I have long hair and have done for most of my life now. I keep saying I'll cut it all off, but I'm yet to go through with it.
7. I love shoes. When I was younger, I had a nice little collection of heels. Now I wear flats everyday. 
8. I love to run. I'm not terribly good at it, but I love it.
9. When I was travelling the world, I had heaps of odd jobs along the way. One of them was data entry, where I once fell asleep on the job twice on the same day. My boss had to poke me to wake me up. TWICE. I was so embarrassed. All of you people out there working in data entry, I take my hat off to you.
10. When I was a kid helping out in my Dad's garden, I used to get 10 cents for each long row of carrots I weeded. Amazingly I still love gardening to this day.

Thanks so much for the blog love!

I'm really not sure at this point who has had these awards already, so I won't directly nominate anyone else. But if anyone particularly wants to take part, feel free to write a little list up about yourself with your link in the comments.

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  1. Your blog is awesome! I am not surprised that you were nominated for these great awards! And I loved learning more about you! The princess bride rocks!!! One of my all time favorites too!!! A lovely weekend to you friend! Nicole xo

    1. Oh thank you Nicole :) Love to find another fan of the Princess bride!

  2. Hmm yum jelly beans ...

    Thank you for this lovely post. I really do enjoy reading reading your blog :) And those Puppet Show shorts are adorable!

    1. Sorry it took so long! Hope you got a few visitors :)

  3. Village frock? is that the pattern that is out of print and that is impossible to get? I will have to look it up.


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