Saturday, 25 April 2015

oliver + s puppet show dress

Oh the puppet show, quite possibly my very favourite Oliver + S pattern ever!

The one that started my love affair with O+S patterns. I spent a few months trying to track down this paper pattern when my little girl was first born, and I am so pleased I did. I really adore this design so much. It looks so cute on little girls and on little babies.

I loved this one I made a few years ago, so much.

This new puppet show has been a labour of love. I'm not going to lie, it took a bit of time. I have been working on it throughout the whole of Kids Clothes Week, while working on other things. I definitely sewed for more than the recommended 1 hour per day! I'm really pleased to have it finished. It's a special occasion puppet show for an upcoming party.

This is made in a size 4 and is a perfect fit for her at the moment. I did lengthen it by about 2 inches. She's a tall one my girl.

I was pretty inspired by the Frances Suzanne version I spotted here. I swoon over everything they make. Ahh the piping and liberty. So, so pretty!

My version was made up using some broderie anglaise (eyelet style) fabric that I bought years ago. I made my own piping, with some Sarah Jane fabric. I even made my own piping cord (a total first for me), out of some cotton string I had on hand and I was amazed when it actually worked out OK. I used this method here, and I would totally do it again if I was making piping. I always have cheap $1 balls of cotton string on hand, so it's pretty much perfect.

The broderie anglaise was a bit of a bear to work with. Totally sheer and needed to be underlined. I used a cotton voile in an ivory colour to underline the whole dress. I basted the two fabrics together before sewing and sewed them as one fabric. It was pretty slippery and the fabrics moved a bit, but I got there in the end.  I used the Sarah Jane fabric again for the bodice lining and hem facings.  

The pink buttons were added as a pretty pop of colour, so my daughter would actually want to wear the dress. She was a little uncertain until the buttons went on, but once she saw those, she was completely won over. Thank goodness for pink buttons. It was looking a little hairy there for a while.

So what's in the inside of the dress like?

Previously when I've made this pattern, I machine stitched and top stitched the whole thing. This time I took the opposite approach. All of the linings and hem facing were sewn in by hand.

I'm pleased with the end result, although I expect it to stay clean for exactly 2 seconds. Hopefully I'll get at least one photo of her in it before it's covered in cake!


  1. Wow. Worth all the effort! The insides look fabulous too.

    1. Thanks Shelley. I love this pattern :)

  2. I love all your choices! I also love the puppet show, and like to hand sew the insides. What did you do with the place where the the sleeve meets the bodice lining?

    1. Thank you Sarah. I used binding :)


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